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Dobson Funeral Home
3478 Highway 421 South
McKee, Kentucky 40447
Tel: 606.287.4344
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“Caring For Our Community” was the reason Dobson Funeral Home existed. When a family called upon us to care for their family, we were honored to do so. A family will find no other funeral home that provided service in a more compassionate, professional, and genuine caring manner. We believed all should be treated by the “Golden Rule”.

Our funeral home understood the trust a family placed in us when they called upon us. Every family and their loved ones were treated with the utmost respect and privacy. From the time a family contacted Dobson Funeral Home, both the family and their loved one were cared for by the owners of the funeral home.  I and my family were the only owners of our business, no one else had any ownership in our business.  We were not backed by any investors and had no partners.

We believed this to be important as it is common practice for many funeral homes throughout the area to have outside individuals to complete part or all of the preparation of your loved one. Our philosophy was, if you contacted us, you wanted us to care for you and your family, not someone else.

Upon opening the funeral home, we believed this was “Our Community” and we were there to serve you and your family. We lived in the home located on the same property as the funeral home to show our commitment to the property. The funeral home was always operated by Biblical Principles and none other. Although, we owned the funeral home business we were very aware that He is in charge.

Closing the funeral home business was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make.  When we came to Jackson County and re-opened the funeral home it was our sincere intent to live and eventually retire here.  However, after operating the funeral home for a year and a half, we came to the realization that it was not financially feasible to continue to operate the funeral home.

To the families who chose Dobson Funeral Home we were honored that you placed your trust in us to care for your loved ones.  To our many friends we have made since moving here, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your never ending caring, support, prayers, and most importantly your friendship.  We will continue to strengthen those bonds we have with each of you.

We will continue to keep this website active, so that each of your loved ones obituaries and videos are available online.  We assured you that your family and friends you would always have access to them and we will keep our word.

Should the family of any loved one we cared need to talk to me, please feel free to contact me personally at 480-244-6254 anytime day or night.  I will always be available to you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

I will continue to check on the grave of each person we cared for as I have since we opened the funeral home. 



The Dobson Family 

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